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Looking at AI as a Salesforce Architect.

AI is exciting and transformative, however, it’s important we understand, together with its potential, its key risks and limitations to help customers adopt AI in a way that’s not only helpful but also ethical and safe.

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10 Common Engineering Mistakes Salesforce Teams Still Make

By prioritising data governance, scalability, testing, and adherence to best practices, your Salesforce team can create a robust CRM system that aligns with your organisation's goals and maximises user adoption.

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OWASP Top 10: A Guide for Salesforce Experts

If you're among the many interested in safeguarding your Salesforce ecosystem and find the OWASP recommendations too abstract, this exploration is for you. Join us to decode the complexities and the practical implications of merging Salesforce security with OWASP's Top 10 Guidance.

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Making your boss care about technical debt

It's not always easy to get your boss on your side to take action against technical debt. Here are 3 things your boss will most certainly care about.

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What we learnt scanning 10.2 billion lines of Salesforce code

As we hit our first 10 billion lines of code reviewed, we look at some of the things we have learnt about the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Static analysis for Salesforce: 5 mistakes to avoid

Picking the right static analysis tool for your team is not a straightforward task. We look at common mistakes every architect should avoid when making a recommendation.

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3 things most Salesforce teams miss during code review

As we look at how Salesforce teams manage their code reviews, we share a few things that many of them miss.

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