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Application Analysis

Code and metadata analysis

AI-powered reviews of all types of code and metadata. Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, Flows, Process Builder, object definitions and more.


Scan securely from your browser. Review your entire application or focus on incremental changes. No dev skills or integrations needed.

Application Security Testing

Catch OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities as well as Salesforce-specific security flaws such as CRUD and FLS violations, SOQL-injections and more.

Detection of Vulnerable Libraries

Automatically check every third party library you use with online vulnerability databases and stay secure when using open source.

Protection from Sensitive Data Exposure

Clayton inspects your data model and field classifications before every analysis, making sure that sensitive information is never logged or handled unsafely in the code.

Unit Tests Analysis

Clayton checks your unit tests intelligently, detecting untested methods, test coverage hacks, lack of data factories and more, so you can ensure your testing is robust and resilient.

Scalability Analysis

Optimise for governor limits and keep your application scalable and performant as it scales to large volumes.

Complexity Hotspots

Know where the complexity of your logic accumulates. Use the right balance of code and configuration, and keep your design decisions informed.

Maintainability Analysis

Understand how easy-to-read and maintain your code is, and protect your agility as complexity grows.

Dual Metadata Support

Work with traditional metadata or using the latest SFDX source format. Enforce your policies regardless of the underlying representation of your code.

Custom Rules

Use our out-of-the-box automated checks built by experts, or create your own with our powerful online editor.

Issue Management

Everything you need to take action fast and get rid of bad code before it becomes a problem.

Issue Management

Fix Resources

Get curated resources from Trailhead, OWASP, official docs and third-parties sites at your fingertips, to help you fix problems as early as they appear.

File Ignore

Exclude any files you don’t intend to maintain, keep your reports relevant and clean from clutter at all times.

Flag Incorrect Detections

Report any incorrect detection directly in-app. Keep your reports clean and improve Clayton’s precision over time.

Backlog Export

Automatically export any problems in a backlog, complete with remediation advice ready and ready to be imported in your favourite issue tracker.

False Positive Report

Export all your incorrect detections in a detailed report for third-party auditors and make any security reviews easier to manage.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Free your developers from repetitive code review tasks and ship more features, faster.

Integrated Code Reviews

Get your pull requests reviewed directly in your version control system. Automatically approve or reject based on their adherence to your technical and security standards.

Policy Management

Build your own technical standards and manage them centrally. Push changes across your teams in clicks. Enforce vital checks across all your projects and standardise at scale.

Exception Workflow

Handle any deviation from your standards with a workflow that keeps your code clean from clutter and leaves an auditable track record of key design decisions.

Security and Quality Gates

Automatically post the result of any reviews back to your version control. Prevent merge of non-compliant code by rejecting non-compliant code automatically.

Assisted Developer Onboarding

Onboard new developers in clicks. Keep everyone aligned with technical standards automatically.


Keep your code monitored in real-time and review automatically when your git repo changes.

Scheduled Reviews

Launch your scans automatically, on a regular cadence.

Monitoring & Insights

Stay on top of what matters, without worrying about the details.

Development Monitoring

Dashboards & Analytics

Get an analytics dashboard for all your development projects. Track key engineering metrics over time, and stay on top of the evolution of your developments (without looking at the code).

Technical Debt Assessment

Measure your technical debt to and stay on top of it. Translate technical problems in numbers and facts that non-technical people can understand easily.

Protection Alerts

Be notified when certain problems make it past the development stage, so you can act quickly and prevent any damage.


Measure how effectively new developments are adhering to your technical standards and keep track of deviation over time.

Capacity Tracking

Forecast the impact of bad code on your development capacity. Keep track of changes as Clayton helps you recover capacity to build more features.

Fix Estimates

Clayton estimates all remediations for you, so you can allocate your capacity more effectively as you plan your developments.

Remediation Time

Track your responsiveness to security and quality problem, and learn what issues are most often overlooked.

Weekly Insights

Get weekly updates delivered straight to your mailbox (or Slack) with everything that matters, including outstanding developers and changes in technical debt.

Admin Controls

Manage your team and ensure everyone has access to the right information.

Admin Controls

Project Roles

Create and manage teams easily for all your projects. Assign roles and give everyone the right authority to deal with technical standards and exceptions as needed.

Single Sign-On

Integrate your own SAML identity provider to streamline adoption and enhance security.

External Collaborators

Work with customers and third-party developers and give them limited access to your development projects.

User Audit Trail

Capture all the users’ activity in one place, keep a record of everything that matters.

Success And Support

Success And Support

Let’s work together to supercharge your Salesforce developments.

Online Help

Get help online with our knowledge base, with step-by-step articles and video tutorials.

Dedicated Support

Get access to webinars, ad-hoc training and proactive help from our Customer Success team.

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