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Supercharge your developments, without hiring.

Clayton ensures that everything your team builds is done right from the start, without changing how your developers work.

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Over 500 teams and the largest orgs already use Clayton
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Easy setup

Set your coding standards.

Configure your ruleset choosing from an ever-growing library curated by Salesforce experts or create your own.

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360 coverage
Zero scripting

Choose your protection.

Set how you want to be protected. Clayton uses validates all changes automatically, before your CI pipeline kicks in.

Always-on protection

Code confidently and fast.

Enjoy always-on scanning, integrated code reviews, and build your best cloud apps.

vulnerability scanning
360 coverage

Measure your team’s engineering performance.

Empower your team with engineering metrics and tailored advice for all your developers.

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Clayton stops 1679 vulnerabilities and bugs, every day.

Join 500+ Salesforce teams and unlock your best engineering.
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