The modern code analysis platform for Salesforce.

Clayton is the developer-first solution that catches, blocks, and automatically fixes bad code, helping you build secure and well-architected Salesforce applications, fast.

Over 500 teams and the largest orgs already switched to Clayton
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Develop at supersonic speed.

Fast & accurate scans that reduce rework, cut meeting time and help your team move faster.

High-precision code analyzer
Test for 100+ platform best practices
Verify the impact of each new Salesforce release
Auto-fix issues in clicks
Save up to 25 hours per developer per month
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Control code quality at scale.

Monitor developments 24/7, keep your team aligned with well-architected standards.

Manage your coding standards in one place
Understand deviation from best practice
Stop technical debt build-up as you develop
Measure team performance and find blind spots
97% of our customers standardize developments in 30 days or less

Security-trusted code scans for Salesforce.

All-in-one scans for everything your build on the Salesforce platform, with unparalleled accuracy.

Validate code written by generative AI, such as Copilot and Einstein-GPT
Find, fix and monitor OWASP Top Risks
Total coverage of code, declarative and configuration
Built-in reporting for security teams and auditors
13,460 high-severity vulnerabilities we prevent each month
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Made by experts, for experts

Bring security + great engineering together.

Clayton helps businesses build well-architected cloud applications with more speed and less risk.
For Salesforce Engineering Teams illustration
For Salesforce Engineering Teams
Accelerate code reviews, rework less, and ship faster.
For Governance and Security Teams illustraiton
For Governance and Security Teams
Secure and monitor your cloud developments at scale.

500+ Salesforce teams have already switched from traditional static code analysis to Clayton

Paul H.

Fantastic product, fabulous team - I would wholeheartedly recommend Clayton. The product is very well designed by a team that truly understands all the nuances of the Salesforce platform. From a user experience perspective, it's intuitive and simple to use, very easy to configure and set up, and allows a lot of flexibility around how you want to scan using particular policies. It was super easy to integrate with Bitbucket Cloud.

In my role as CTO, I monitor the overall health of our projects closely, and Clayton's reporting/analytics make this easy for me.

I would also like to add that Clayton is one of the best companies I have worked with—their Customer Support is first-rate.

If your team wants to introduce security and code quality analysis into its development lifecycle, look at Clayton before making any purchasing decisions.

Craig B.
Salesforce Tech Lead

Invaluable part of our dev cycle. Clayton has made it effortless to include code scan and analysis as part of our development process. We've been using Clayton for a number of years and it's added a lot of value. It's simple to integrate with Git, and reports findings in PRs. The team at Clayton are always on hand for any issues or queries and a very helpful bunch.

Sylvain P.
Salesforce Technical Architect

The must-have tool to manage your codebase. The integration with Bitbucket and the easy new navigation on the UI make this tool a daily use of the dev team. The customer support is also very good; you will always get the best answer. Clayton helps us ensure that we maintain clean code based on every pull request produced by the team.

Deema R.
Director of Architecture

We have loads of projects in parallel, so we needed a tool to help us customise according to Salesforce standards and do it quickly. Clayton clicked because it's straightforward to use and implement on all the projects in less than a day. We now have defined standards to follow, saving us a lot of time, increasing our productivity, and eliminating a lot of tech debt with this simple proactive approach.

Kai A.
Technical Architect

Clayton made our code review process so much faster. Our developers can now fix any problems before peer review, which results in an increased velocity for our team.

Jim S.
Commercial Director

Clayton is helping us make sense of complex customer implementations quickly. We now uncover hidden risks and opportunities which allows our customers business grow without compromising on quality.

Gopal G.

A great tool to enhance your application code quality. I absolutely love: the Automated code reviews. It’s easy to setup, integrate and use. It catches security vulnerabilities and design flaws before they become overhead for us. The Fix-Bot feature is amazing!  It can easily find the mistakes that developers may overlook

And also, the support team is easily reachable and always happy to help whenever you need them

Nigel H.

Essential tool for your CI workflow. Just works with GitHub, adding quality incite to code reviews. The report not only reports the problem but makes high quality recommendations for solutions. Clayton speeds up and improve the quality of code reviews.

Customer Stories

We are trusted by the world’s most innovative Salesforce engineering teams. Here’s why.
WebResults uses Clayton to deliver secure solutions with world-class quality
WebResultsRead Case Study
Silverline chooses Clayton to detect early technical debt and potential security risks in advance
SilverlineRead Case Study
Sabio Salesforce Practice
Sabio Salesforce Practice chooses Clayton to protect their Customers from potential security risks ahead of time
Sabio Salesforce PracticeRead Case Study
Mavens uses Clayton to build secure healthcare solutions, on Salesforce.
MavensRead Case Study
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Clayton stops 1679 vulnerabilities and bugs, every day.

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