Stay secure. Ship faster.

Always-on security scanning for Salesforce applications.

Clayton automatically finds vulnerabilities and design flaws in your code, so you can ship more features without leaving security behind.

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Clayton is proud to secure Salesforce apps from leading companies including..
"Clayton goes far beyond every other product I have seen in this space" Ivana Almeida, Salesforce CTA

Plug and go. Always secure. Ship faster. 

Designed for Salesforce
Clayton's world-class code analysis technology is built specifically for Salesforce. And yes, we are Salesforce DX ready.
Up and running in seconds
Setup takes a few clicks. Clayton plugs into your Git, and monitors your development in real-time. No integration needed.
Built-in security and quality protection
Clayton constantly protects you against dangerous security vulnerabilities, the accumulation of technical debt and complexity, and quality issues. 
The modern way to build with Salesforce
Plug into your code repositories, and intelligently monitor your development. Make sure that everything you build follows design, coding and security best practices. Avoid costly reworks.

We've got the market's lowest error rate. Guaranteed.
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3 things that most teams miss during code review

As Clayton’s founder, I have been working with dozen of Salesforce teams throughout my career. As I look at how they manage their code reviews, there are 3 things that most of them miss. In this short blog post I will share them with you. CRUD/FLS violations This simply means that the object and field-level […]

Become a Salesforce Security Champion: 3 steps to get you started

Why every Salesforce development team needs a Security Champion. “Security Champion” is a concept made popular by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Security Champions are members of a development team that take direct responsibility in security and actively promote security best practices. With more and more data moving to the cloud, the need […]