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The modern way to secure & future-proof your Salesforce developments.

Clayton is the code health platform for Salesforce that lets you scan, monitor and protect all your developments, helping you continuously apply best practices at scale.

Protecting 400+ TEAMS
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Code & metadata anALysis

Ditch slow & inaccurate scanners and repetitive code reviews.

Find problematic code automatically, 3500x faster than humans, and let your team focus on building great things.

Made exclusively for Salesforce
Built from the ground up for cloud development teams.
360° coverage of code + configuration
Scan all your developments, low-code, and configuration metadata.
Superhuman accuracy
Guaranteed <5% false positives.
Scan without limits
Unlimited scans and lines of code.
1679 vulnerabilities blocked daily
Widgets measuring open issues, outstanding remediation effort, technical debt ratio and overall scores for Security, Scalability and Testing Best Practice
A GitHub pull request is reviewed automatically by Clayton, showing inline comments flagging a SOQL injection vulnerability.
CI/CD Code review bot

Stop acting last minute. Stay secure at all times.

Always-on protection at the source that's integrated, fast and works without changing how your team works.

Fix vulnerabilities early
Prevent the accidental merge of code that's insecure or problematic.
Integrated developer experience
Protection that's built into your CI/CD and DevOps tooling.
Fast & distraction-free
Scans that don't distract your developers or keep them waiting.
100% cloud
Up and running in minutes. Hassle-free. No infrastructure needed.
“Clayton has made our code review process so much faster”
Kai Amundsen, Technical Architect, Mavens

Run your team with data. Make better decisions.

Free your developers from scanning code locally and unlock all the insights you need to build a 10x Salesforce team.

Manage your standards
Manage your technical and security standards in one place.
Security compliance dashboards
Pass IT security audits and prove compliance with ease.
Find your best performers
Track how individuals adhere to standards and spot training gaps.
Powerful reporting
Dashboards for teams and technology leaders.
“We have a large, distributed team. Clayton has had a tremendous impact on the quality of our work”
Eric Nelson, VP Delivery Technology, Silverline
Be in control

Scan confidently on a trusted platform.

Enterprise-grade technology that keeps your code and data secure at all times.

Trusted by 400+ Salesforce development teams.
End-to-end encryption your code is encrypted at all times.
No access to CRM data.
ISO 27001 certified
What sets us apart
Why Clayton
Built exclusively for Salesforce teams
All-in-one support for all Salesforce languages, configuration and metadata
Large library of automated tests curated by CTAs
Continuous updates with every Salesforce release
Unparalleled detection accuracy
Data flow and composition analysis
Ai-powered auto triage
Handle false positives with ease
Optimized for fast and continuous scans
Built around git
Fast, incremental scans
Scalable to millions of lines of code
Intelligent tracking of line movements
Go beyond security
Configurable rules and policies
Build your own rules with clicks
Flexible protection modes for small and large teams
Insights for 10x development teams
Track your improvements over time
Measure the impact of every developer
Compliance reports for ISO 27001, SOC2 and more
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Made exclusively for Salesforce teams.

Whether you build applications for yourself or for others, we’ve got you covered.
Salesforce End Users
In-house teams
Eliminate flaws that could put customer data at risk, without compromising on agility.
Consultants and ISVs
Give your customers secure and future-proof solutions. Reduce governance cost, and protect your margins.

Customer Stories

We are trusted by the world’s most innovative Salesforce teams. Here’s why.
WebResults uses Clayton to deliver secure solutions with world-class quality
WebResultsRead Case Study
makepositive chooses Clayton to protect their Customers from potential security risks ahead of time
makepositiveRead Case Study
Mavens uses Clayton to build secure healthcare solutions, on Salesforce.
MavensRead Case Study
Clayton helps Aptumo hit their time-to-market goals on the AppExchange.
AptumoRead Case Study

Automate vulnerabilities and bad code away, 3500x times faster than humans.

Join 400+ Salesforce teams and see what difference Clayton can make.
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Introducing Our Halloween Release

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It's October, and it's Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Why it matters.

It's October, and it's Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Why it matters.

At Clayton, for this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are offering the first 3 months free to new customers signing up in October. Clayton is the fastest way to secure your Salesforce developments, and it’s up and running in minutes.

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Info And Tips To Manage Insecure Code And Security Configurations

Info And Tips To Manage Insecure Code And Security Configurations

Businesses that use Salesforce for critical activities, generally store sensitive data in their CRM environment. But many users could have access to that data, leaving it vulnerable to security risks. 

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