The complete static code analysis platform for Salesforce.

Clayton finds and fixes flawed code twice as accurately as any code scanner. It is the only platform with generative AI Auto-fix that can remediate at scale, helping you ship faster and stay secure.

Over 500 teams and the largest orgs already use Clayton
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Develop at supersonic speed.

Fast & accurate scans that reduce rework, cut meeting time and help your team move faster.

High-precision code analyzer
Test for 100+ platform best practices
Verify the impact of each new Salesforce release
Auto-fix issues in clicks
Save up to 25 hours per developer per month
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Control code quality at scale.

Monitor developments 24/7, keep your team aligned with well-architected standards.

Manage your coding standards in one place
Understand deviation from best practice
Stop technical debt build-up as you develop
Measure team performance and find blind spots
97% of our customers standardize developments in 30 days or less

Security-trusted code scans for Salesforce.

All-in-one scans for everything your build on the Salesforce platform, with unparalleled accuracy.

Validate code written by generative AI, such as Copilot and Einstein-GPT
Find, fix and monitor OWASP Top Risks
Total coverage of code, declarative and configuration
Built-in reporting for security teams and auditors
13,460 high-severity vulnerabilities we prevent each month
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Made by experts, for experts

Bring security + great engineering together.

Clayton helps businesses build well-architected cloud applications with more speed and less risk.
For Salesforce Engineering Teams illustration
For Salesforce Engineering Teams
Accelerate code reviews, rework less, and ship faster.
For Governance and Security Teams illustraiton
For Governance and Security Teams
Secure and monitor your cloud developments at scale.

Customer Stories

We are trusted by the world’s most innovative Salesforce engineering teams. Here’s why.
WebResults uses Clayton to deliver secure solutions with world-class quality
WebResultsRead Case Study
Silverline chooses Clayton to detect early technical debt and potential security risks in advance
SilverlineRead Case Study
Sabio Salesforce Practice
Sabio Salesforce Practice chooses Clayton to protect their Customers from potential security risks ahead of time
Sabio Salesforce PracticeRead Case Study
Mavens uses Clayton to build secure healthcare solutions, on Salesforce.
MavensRead Case Study
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Clayton stops 1679 vulnerabilities and bugs, every day.

Join 500+ Salesforce teams and unlock your best engineering.
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