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WebResults (part of the Engineering Group) is a consulting (Summit) and ISV (Ridge) Salesforce Partner specialized in cloud solutions and marketing automation on the Salesforce platform to meet customers’ specific requirements.

They have also implemented a native BPM app, available on the AppExchange, called ProcessClick to help to design and maintain complex business processes on Salesforce. WebResults brings to its customers agile and flexible solutions complemented by innovative tools and delivered with top quality.

WebResults has a long track record of successful projects delivered with a solid experience in implementing custom projects to help companies get the most out of the Salesforce platform.

They have a wide offering that covers mission-critical Salesforce implementation, custom service applications and sales automation on the Salesforce platform.

They are committed to always deliver on-demand implementations, on time, on budget and with unparalleled quality.


Due to the constant growth that they are experiencing, they needed a way to optimize their development capacity to make sure to meet projects’ milestones and deliver on time.

WebResults uses a centralized pool of developers, the so-called Factory Department, that handles tasks across multiple projects.

Thanks to this model, the sharing of knowledge and resources are not only enabled but encouraged. It is also easier to induce continuous improvement, measure KPIs, therefore reaching new levels of trust and increased productivity.

But, due to the increasing number of concurrent projects and staff, their technological departments were still facing challenges in booking senior time for code reviews, to make sure Salesforce best practices were always applied.

Maintaining consistently high delivery standards across the portfolio was also a challenge. The need for rework was affecting both their productivity and their speed.

They wanted a solution to automate code reviews across the entire delivery since projects’ kick-off, without losing agility and, ultimately, secure their margins by avoiding post-release at-cost reworks.


WebResults uses Clayton to monitor all their Salesforce implementations in real-time to ensure all solutions meet the highest security and quality standards.

Clayton is configured to automatically launch scans for every new pull request to quickly detect any deviation from the best practises.

Every issue detected is highlighted by Clayton with in-line comments to allow developers to easily correct problems and avoid reworks.

The enforcement of coding standards is now completely delegated to Clayton, making the onboarding of developers, contractors and partners easier than ever.

Key Features

  • Automated code reviews
  • Review criteria alignment
  • Multiple Git providers
  • Quality gate
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We wanted to build a culture where developers are exposed to an exciting variety of projects. It is typically tough to do, but Clayton helps us, ensuring security and quality standards remain unaffected. We can provide continuous learning opportunities for our teams with zero compromises on our delivery standards.
Andrea Azzola
Business Unit Manager


  • Developers - including third-parties - are onboarded quickly and Clayton ensures secure development and enforcement of technical standards from day-1.
  • Every project is continuously monitored with ad-hoc criteria that reflect the specific design goals and ensure the desired level of standardisation.
  • We can keep our AppExchange apps compliant with Security Requirements at all times and pass every review seamlessly.
  • We ensure to address any security and code quality issue during early stages of development.

Key Metrics

  • +15% developer productivity
  • +12% average code health improvement
  • 87.5% average compliance
  • +47% compliance to standard versus the benchmark
  • Top 5 consulting partner
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Not only Clayton is helping us in delivering projects that meet exceptional standards for all customers, but it also helps us win more of them as we are now able to demonstrate compliance with data, which is something our competitors simply can’t do.
Andrea Parimbelli
Salesforce Engineer
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