Clayton helps Deliveroo onboard more restaurants, faster, with Salesforce.
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Deliveroo operates in over 500 cities worldwide and is becoming one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Salesforce is a crucial part of Deliveroo’s systems as it’s used to drive the onboarding of more than 1,000 new restaurants every month.


Deliveroo is a technology company with hundreds of software engineers working across their infrastructure.

Their Salesforce technical team employees a mix of onshore and offshore developers, with different backgrounds and experience. Due to the very aggressive growth and pace of development, Deliveroo was struggling to maintain consistent, high-quality standards across their Salesforce development, without giving up agility.

Excellence in technology is at the very heart of the way Deliveroo operates.

Deliveroo was looking for a way to automate regular code validation, making sure their Salesforce implementation is robust, secure and follows best practices, in order to free up precious developer time without compromising on quality.


Deliveroo chose Clayton to maintain world-class quality standards for their Salesforce implementation. Developers use a simple git workflow for every new feature they work on, opening pull requests as soon as new developments are ready for review.

A large portion of the code validation is now taken care of automatically, the team can focus on value-creating tasks to the business, while Clayton makes sure every new product increment is high quality and secure.

Clayton collects valuable insights on frequent mistakes, that the IT management at Deliveroo can now use to allocate training resources effectively, based on actual needs.

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Clayton allows us to automate repetitive checks ensuring that technical best practices are always followed. Our technical code reviews are now quicker and more focused on architectural aspects.
Tom Carman
Technical Lead


Clayton has helped Deliveroo to enforce consistent technical standards across the entire Salesforce delivery.

The rework time for quality and security reworks has dropped from weeks to hours, and the team can focus more of their effort in supporting the hyper-growth of their business.

The overall velocity of the team is now faster, and they can focus on continuously improve the onboarding experience for their partners, supporting the business effectively, at the pace they need.

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As Deliveroo keeps smashing growth targets month after month, Clayton is a key asset to enable us to leverage Salesforce technology at best, ensuring a robust and secure solution at scale.
Avinoam Gal
Director of Information Systems
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