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Wrapping Up 2023

Wrapping Up 2023

Claudia Orecchioni

As we bid farewell to 2023, let's take a moment to look back at the year that just passed.

It was a truly remarkable year for us. More and more of you use Clayton to engineer better apps on Salesforce. And thanks to your fantastic feedback, we shipped many features we love.

Let's celebrate together by looking back at the favourite features we shipped this year!

Here's to growing together in 2024.

🌱 January

See how you stack up against other teams.

Benchmark your apps and see whether your code is better or worse than the industry average. We’ve added a brand-new widget that helps you see how your app compares to other si Salesforce teams.

Benchmark your app.

💚 February

Scan overview summary: stay top of what matters.

Your scan overviews give you a better, more actionable summary of your app’s code health. This includes better summarization and a new Technical Debt Ratio metric that gives you a more tangible grasp on technical debt.

Scan your Org and get your report.

🌸 March

Be notified of specific events, with Webhooks.

If you integrate with Clayton’s Open APIs, you can now use Webhooks to notify your apps when certain events happen, such as when new scan reports are ready.

☂️ April

100% integrated with Gearset & Copado.

We love DevOps. If you use Copado or Gearset, you can now embed Clayton in your pipeline, to make sure every new change fits all your security and engineering standards.

🐞 May

People Insights: helping developers improve.

Combining findings from robust code and metadata analysis with information in your git metadata, Clayton's shows how your team's individuals contribute to the quality of your Salesforce developments. This helps you see who is leading by example and - for people lagging behind - what they struggle with.

People Insights.

🥤 June

Put your Salesforce developments on autopilot.

Adding static analysis to your CI/CD pipeline is the easy part. Most teams struggle with using scan results to drive developers’ behaviour.

Clayton’s Protection Modes take the hassle away, and look after your developments automatically, helping developers take the appropriate action.

Protections Modes.

☀️ July 

Fix-Bot: automated fixes that work like magic.

“Hey Clayton, how about fixing some code for me?” Clayton can now open pull requests with proposed fixes to resolve common errors and styling inconsistencies.

With a simple click, watch your code transform into clean, optimised, and error-free perfection.


Managed updates and consistent standards.

Get new rules and policy updates automatically, and stay on top of the latest best practices.

Clayton helps you keep your developments consistent. Our managed updates will keep your standards up-to-date!

🏄‍♀️ August

Illuminate your experience with Dark Mode.

Immerse yourself in a captivating experience that is easy on the eyes and enhances your productivity, focus, and overall enjoyment.

With this release, we have also added the ability to choose your user avatar, making your experience with Clayton more engaging and unique.

Dark Mode.

Custom Webhooks.

Configure your own payloads on webhooks and integrate more easily with your other DevOps tools, such as Copado and many more.

🍇 September

Remediation chart: prioritise fixes like a pro.

Imagine having a visual map that helps channel your efforts. The Remediation Chart groups issues into quadrants to help you focus on the most impactful things first.

Remediation Chart.

October 🎃

Track your code quality improvements.

One powerful way to stick to a good habit is to track your improvements.

Hardening Reports lets you see if your code is getting better or worse over time and exactly how many vulnerabilities, performance, or testing issues are affecting your application.

Track your quality performances.

November 🧣

Personalized Developer Insights.

Help your developers get 10x better with personalized insights, showing critical gaps and the best Trailhead resources to help them improve.

🎅 December

Custom legacy code date.

Legacy code helps you distinguish issues detected on older code from new issues. You can now provide a reference date, and Clayton will show which issues were introduced before, or after.

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