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What’s NEW? Here 7 Product Updates You May Have Missed!

What’s NEW? Here 7 Product Updates You May Have Missed!

Claudia Orecchioni

We have been busy bees at Clayton!

Over the last few months, we have shipped some great new features, so here's a quick roundup of a few things you may have missed.

As always - a big thank you to all developers and customers for sharing feedback and ideas. Please keep them coming!

✨ New Key Product Features

Get help from Trailhead on your pull requests

We all love learning new things, but it’s hard to know what you don’t know yet.

When you make a mistake, Clayton now automatically suggests relevant Trailhead courses - as well as docs and other learning resources - directly on pull requests.

  • Get help and fix problems before merge
  • See OWASP and Salesforce guidance when you introduce new vulnerabilities
  • Help developers fill actual learning gaps with Trailhead

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Get data-driven insights into your developments

When managing complex developments, it’s hard to tell how well your team is adhering to best practices and security standards. 

With Insights, you can monitor what happens across all your Salesforce developments, from one single place. 

  • Count fixes and see how effective your code reviews are
  • Measure your compliance to security and best practice
  • Track changes in code health

Get your insights now

Multiple status checks: instantly see what matters

There are things architects look out for, and it’s important to stay on top of them. 

Clayton now supports multiple status checks so you can see exactly how every revision of your Salesforce application meets all your architecture goals. 

  • Instantly see whether a commit meets secure development requirements
  • Create protection rules based to enforce minimum requirements on PRs
  • Use our presets or create your own policies

Check what matters

Build your own code review bot (preview)

A common pain of static analysis tools is lack of flexibility: they may only scan certain files, with certain rules and teams are not really in control. That’s why we still use checklists for code reviews. But wouldn't it be best to use your developers time for innovation, rather than reviews?

From now, you can create your own code review rules, to let Clayton take care of any type of code review checks across all types of source code and metadata.

  • Build your own custom rules to check Apex, Visualforce, LWC, Aura
  • Automate repetitive checks across flows, objects, or any type of metadata
  • No developments required - deploy your own rules in clicks

Track new problems and fixes between two revisions

Was this vulnerability introduced just recently, or was it already in the code base? Comparisons let you quickly see what new problems have been introduced between any two revisions, and what has been fixed.

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Optimise your SOQL queries for large volumes

When working with large data volumes, there are specific attention points to make sure your code scales. One key area for architects is query optimisations, and in particular, making sure SOQL queries are selective.

This unique feature will help your team track any LDV objects and indexed fields, ensuring that all your queries are selective and will run fast once deployed.

Optimise now!

🤩 More improvements & updates

Export your reports in portable formats

Managing vulnerabilities in multiple systems can be complex, especially for InfoSec teams.

Clayton now lets you export reports in easily portable formats, so you can use your favourite vulnerability management tools. You can export the results of any vulnerability scan in CSV, and SARIF (open standard).

🙌 Wrapping up

Stay secure

Stop vulnerabilities before they cause damage. Keep customer data protected at all times.

Build like the best

Embed best-practice optimisations in your workflow and build to world-class standards.

Be in control

Control your developments in one place and gain the valuable insights you need to drive engineering excellence.

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