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TrailblazerDX Diary. Well-Architected and Auto-Fix: our two days in a nutshell.

TrailblazerDX Diary. Well-Architected and Auto-Fix: our two days in a nutshell.

Brian Olearczyk

Lorenzo, Mike, and I had a great week at TDX. Read more about Brian’s blog on how Clayton aligns with Salesforce’s well-architected framework, enables auto-fix for remediation scale, and ensures insecure code never gets to production. 

I was blown away by the feedback we received from the Salesforce expert architects and developers at TDX this year. Lorenzo, Mike, and I had a great week! And apologies to AWS for blocking the path with 8-10 people deep watching a Clayton demo 🙂  

A few key takeaways:

Focus on Well-Architected: Salesforce’s continued focus on the well-architected framework is a win for the whole ecosystem. Zayne and Marc have done a fantastic job defining the framework to ensure that the platform's extensibility is leveraged with high-quality code health and security standards. Clayton’s automated assessments will help customers operationalize this framework and ensure continued compliance. Here’s a quick screenshot of a Clayton well-architected assessment:

Clayton’s Auto-Fix is a game changer.  Every Org with a custom development knows they have a technical debt problem. It’s the unspoken priority that architects/devs put a lot of focus into at events like TDX but have less ability to allocate resources and prioritize when going through the next sprint planning session. Architects and Developers loved the auto-fix capabilities we showed and were wowed by the possibility. 

Insecure code is a real concern - Architects and Application owners continued to tell us they want to prevent insecure code from ever getting into production. Noisy or after-the-fact code scans are ineffective in achieving this objective. TDXers with a ShiftLeft vision were delighted by how Clayton interoperates with DevOps solutions to catch issues early and eliminate rework. Here’s a recent report on some risks of insecure coding in Salesforce - A risk that Clayton’s solution uniquely alleviates! Read more here.

Can’t wait for the next event.  London anyone 🙂


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