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Our First 2023 Brand-New Features Are Here.

Our First 2023 Brand-New Features Are Here.

Claudia Orecchioni

We are working on some exciting new features for Clayton! We just shipped the first four of 2023, and here they are.

See how you stack up against other teams.

Benchmark your apps and see whether your code is better or worse than the industry average. We’ve added a brand-new widget that helps you see how your app compares to other, similar teams.

A better overview report that keeps you on top of what matters.

We have improved our scan overview UX to give you a better, more actionable summary of your app’s code health. This includes better summarization, as well as a new Technical Debt Ratio metric that gives you a more tangible grasp on technical debt.

Be notified of specific events with webhooks.

If you integrate with Clayton’s Open APIs, you can now use webhooks to notify your apps when certain events happen, such as when new scan reports are ready.

Learn more.

Validate user stories automatically in Copado.

If you use Copado, you can now tell Clayton to automatically validate every User Story and ensure all developments in your pipeline can only go ahead when your code fits all your requirements. Clicks are no longer required!

Learn more.

More bug fixes and improvements

  • We have fixed an issue that prevented the removal of unused connections
  • We have fixed an issue with pagination on the account policies UI.

Please reach out with any questions or feedback!

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