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ISO 27001 And What It Means For Our Customers

ISO 27001 And What It Means For Our Customers

Claudia Orecchioni

We are proud to announce that we have implemented the ISO 27001 standard and are on track to complete our certification process in the coming months.

The ISO 27001 is the leading international standard for information security best practices. To achieve it, organisations must demonstrate a comprehensive approach to protecting sensitive company and customer information, including intellectual property, employee and customer data, and information entrusted to it by third parties.

Over the years, we have continued to improve our processes and controls, to enforce, maintain and improve information security across all aspects of our business.

"We know that compliance with ISO 27001 is a must-have because that is essential to what we do every day. For us, it's a crucial commitment to show our customers and partners that we are taking the greatest measures to protect their data." - said Lorenzo Frattini, CEO & Founder.

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