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Empower your AppSecOps approach.

Empower your AppSecOps approach.

Claudia Orecchioni

We are excited to announce that all our users can now easily integrate Clayton with ArmorCode.

ArmorCode is the AppSecOps platform that unifies application security and infrastructure vulnerability management. It integrates all your security tools in a single platform, so security and development teams can realise visibility and cross-team collaboration.

This integration will allow Clayton users to quickly bring all their vulnerability findings and security data into the ArmorCode platform and improve their Application Security Posture from code to cloud.

"This integration will simplify how some of our enterprise teams' users work and accelerate their delivery of even more secure Salesforce apps. With ArmorCode, we share the mission to help security teams so their organisations can focus on shipping secure software. Thanks to this integration, our customers will continue building securely on Salesforce and increasingly consolidate their application security posture" Lorenzo Frattini, Clayton CEO & Founder.

Check out all the tools that integrate with Clayton.

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