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Clayton Celebrates Engineering Excellence in Its Second-Edition of Customer Awards

Clayton Celebrates Engineering Excellence in Its Second-Edition of Customer Awards

Claudia Orecchioni

Appsolutely, Assurant and Sage Have Been Awarded for Driving Engineering Excellence in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

We are really thrilled to share, for the second time, our appreciation to the teams that use our technology to drive excellence in the Salesforce ecosystem: Appsolutely as “Best Consulting Partner Team”, Assurant as “Best Enterprise Team” and Sage as “Best Product Team”. 

In 2021, we scrutinised 178.5 billion lines of Salesforce code. We have examined a wide range of metrics that collectively reflect how teams prevent, detect, and remediate engineering and InfoSec issues across the board. These three companies have emerged as clear leaders in their category.

They have helped to drive forward Clayton’s mission to continue to develop fast while staying secure and compliant, and have set the benchmark on what is possible when organisations are committed to engineering excellence.

“It is a pleasure to celebrate these customers as security innovators and quality leaders”, - said Lorenzo Frattini, CEO and Founder at Clayton. “All these teams have implemented a modern approach to AppSec, even challenging traditional tools and security methods. These awards are a message of appreciation for their great efforts and commitment to raising the bar by adopting outstanding quality and security standards. We are proud of these fantastic Salesforce teams that continue to exceed expectations.”

Congratulations to all the winners from all of us! Your trophies are on the way!

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