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A step-change in static analysis for the Salesforce platform

Code scanning, without noise or blind spots. X-ray all your low/pro code developments with unparalleled precision, thousands of times faster than human experts.

code metadata analysis
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Ditch the false positives.

Advanced heuristics that double-check every finding, so you don’t waste your time in telling true and false positives apart.

auto triage

Don’t let any vulnerability go unnoticed

Catch security flaws in application logic and underlying configuration. Find vulnerable third-party dependencies that are embedded in views, components or static resources.

vulnerability scanning
360 coverage

Scan all types of code and metadata.

If it’s in the metadata, Clayton can review it. Sanity-check anything you build with code or configuration, including Apex, Visualforce, LWC, flows and more.

Technical debt KPIs

Know how much bad code and its impact on development costs. Keep track of defect density, time to fix and other quality indicators.

Multi-format exports

Get a fully estimated backlog in CSV format. View scan results in your IDE or ingest in third-party systems using the SARIF standard.

Custom rule builder

Build your rules across any code and metadata files, and apply them to your development in clicks.

Large data volume optimizations

Get rid of performance bottlenecks and build applications that scale to high volumes.

Dead code analysis

Find used code and components you can safely remove

Testing optimization

Write robust unit tests and keep your app stable and manageable over time

Automate vulnerabilities and bad code away, 3500x times faster than humans.

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