Work smarter.

Automate repetitive tasks and unleash the full potential of your team.
Ship better apps
Enforce technical best practice and security, and give your users and customers a product that is engineered for long-term success.
Save time and money
Ensure your code is right from the get-go and avoid the cost of future reworks. Leverage automation to use developers time more sensibly. 
Increase your agility
Merge code faster, reduce the accumulation of technical debt and stay agile as your app becomes more complex.

Simply, the best tool for the job.

We have created a unique technology that supports Salesforce development like nothing else in the market.
Designed by Certified Technical Architects
You don't need lots of rules, you need the right ones. Clayton covers real best practices across Apex, Lightning, Visualforce and configuration, to give you the most comprehensive and powerful support.
Unparalleled precision
Our proprietary engine is designed to find what other tools are unable to detect, with the lowest false positive rate (<1%). High accuracy means you don't waste your time triaging incorrect detections.
Optimised for the AppExchange Security Review
Clayton is optimised for ISVs and makes going through the AppExchange security review hassle-free, ensuring your app is vulnerability-free from the get-go and stays so as it evolves.
Clayton is miles ahead of everything that I have used in the past, and its security features go far beyond every other product in this space.
Ivan Almeida
Salesforce Certified Technical Architect

The best development experience.

We are taking away the complicated stuff from enterprise-grade code analysis, leaving you with a lean, refreshing experience.
Easy to use
Up and running in seconds and already integrated with the tools developers love, for a natural, effortless adoption.
No overhead
We manage the infrastructure and upgrade it automatically, so you don't have to spend any of your time worrying about it.
Stay productive
Server-side code validation happens in the background, letting developers focus their time on meaningful tasks, without being blocked.

A platform you can trust.

Enterprise grade
99.99% uptime, 24/7 monitoring, and complete interoperability via REST API.
Full encryption
We protect your source code and data using full encryption, both in transit and at rest.
Our infrastructure scales automatically to serve your requests timely, and minimise waiting times.

More value for your money.

We let Salesforce customers, AppExchange developers and consulting partners take advantage of our unique technology, at a pricing that stays affordable as they grow.
Free yourself from expensive enterprise software and server costs. Get more, with less.
Scalable pricing
Our pricing models are affordable, and stay affordable as you grow.
Free upgrades
Security updates, new rules and features added regularly, at no additional cost.
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