Why Clayton

Get your Salesforce development right, once and for all.
The fastest path to code analysis.
Clayton is the fastest way to add code analysis to your Salesforce development lifecycle. Set it up in a few clicks, without ever leaving your browser. No integration or scripting needed.
Unparalleled accuracy.
Clayton isn't another PMD wrapper. We have created a new code analysis technology exclusively for Salesforce, that scans all types of metadata and is faster, more accurate and easier to use than any other product on the market.
Get things right, the first time.
We don't give you another tool to run scans and fix things later. Clayton acts as a smart gate that blocks bad code and enforces quality and security incrementally, in every step of the development lifecycle.
Brought you by Certified Technical Architects.
Clayton features out of the box rules that encompass every best practice across Apex, Lightning, Visualforce, and point and click app development. Our review criteria have been created by highly certified experts and have been proven on hundreds of successful Salesforce implementations.
Automation that boosts your agility.
Clayton reviews code in real-time, 5000 times faster than humans. On top of that, Clayton takes a lot of overhead away by automating repetitive tasks, such as distributing coding standards, monitoring and reporting of quality.
We help teams getting better.
Clayton summarises the most frequent mistakes, suggests relevant online resources - such as Trailhead modules, documentation and community resources - and monitors key metrics to give your team actionable insights to drive improvement.
We keep your code and data secure.
Clayton connects into your repository, not into your org, so that your CRM data stays untouched. Furthermore, our platform is fully encrypted - both at rest and in transit - so that your code and data are safe, at all times.
Affordable, scalable pricing.
Our pricing model lets Salesforce customers, AppExchange developers and consulting partners of any size take advantage of our unique technology, at a pricing that stays affordable as they grow.
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