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Why Clayton?

Next-gen technology that’s built for Salesforce from the ground up.

We have created Clayton to help development teams automate mistakes and bad code away, moving past legacy scanners that are unreliable and clunky.

Why Clayton
"The best source scanning tool for Salesforce development teams"
Dave Evans, Echo (Salesforce ISV)
Protecting 400+ TEAMS
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The problem with legacy SAST.

We've seen Salesforce and its ecosystem make incredible leaps. Yet, it feels like developer tooling remained stuck in the past.
False detections, glaring omissions, and a poor overall experience are deal-breakers for developers' adoption.
Poor technology support
Legacy tools don't adapt well to Salesforce's low and pro-code development model and struggle to keep up with their continuous innovation.
Bad reporting
You can't improve what you don't measure. When reporting tells you nothing about adoption or impact, teams don’t know whether their actions are working.

Automate vulnerabilities and bad code away.

Innovate fast, stay secure, and never be distracted.

Built exclusively for Salesforce teams

360° coverage of all your code, configuration and metadata.
Building apps on Salesforce is unique. Developers use Apex, LWC, Aura, and Visualforce. Flows and low-code options unlock exciting new possibilities, and Salesforce keeps innovating at a blazing speed.
All-in-one scanning
For all languages, low-code options and configuration metadata.
Thoughtfully curated by experts
Hundreds of automated tests maintained by Salesforce Certified Technical Architects and Security Experts.
Automated updates
With every Salesforce Spring, Summer and Winter release.
Research & development
We’re committed to continuous technology innovation.


Scan with superhuman accuracy.
Precision Scanning
Our technology combines state of the art of code analysis with the latest Ai-innovation.
Data flow analysis
Analyze paths in code and propagation of data in your application.
Nested call traversal
Traverse calls, links and dependencies between components.
Software composition analysis
Find vulnerabilities in static resources and open-source dependencies.
Ai-assisted triage
Minimal false positives and a hassle-free way to handle them.

Built around git

Protection that’s integrated, scalable, and doesn’t keep your developers waiting.
In the world of legacy SAST, teams faced a choice between speed and precision. We reinvented scanning from the ground up, creating new technology that is not only accurate but also fast and scalable to millions of lines of code.
A modern, integrated experience that developers love.
Faster scans
Check new developments intelligently based on git diffs.
To millions of lines of code.
Intelligent tracking
Track issues and code lines as they move over time.


Stop checking for the same things over and over.
A powerful toolkit to automate all your repetitive code and configuration reviews.
Powerful rule builder
Create and deploy automated checks with ease.
Custom policies
Manage your standards and track how well teams adhere to them.
Flexible protection modes
Monitor unobtrusively or enforce developers’ compliance.


Make your development team reach 10x performance.
Unlock powerful insights about your team’s performance, recurring oversights, and training gaps.
Promote accountability
Help developers see their impact and how to keep doing better.
Measure improvements
Track how your code health evolves over time.
Org-wide reporting
Stay on top of multiple work streams and see the big picture.

Automate vulnerabilities and bad code away, 3500x times faster than humans.

Join 400+ Salesforce teams and see what difference Clayton can make.
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Scan without limits, from the cloud.
Scan securely and freely from the cloud. Say goodbye to lines of code limits, server costs or hidden software fees.
100% cloud
Unlimited lines of code
Unlimited repositories
Scales up automatically
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Enterprise-grade security

Strong encryption by default.
Clayton uses strong end-to-end encryption and enterprise-grade controls to keep your code secure at all times.
Source code encryption
99.9% uptime
ISO/IEC Certified


Clayton works where you do.
Clayton integrates seamlessly with the tools you use and love, for a modern, enjoyable development experience.

Customer Stories

We are trusted by the world’s most innovative Salesforce teams. Here’s why.
WebResults uses Clayton to deliver secure solutions with world-class quality
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makepositive chooses Clayton to protect their Customers from potential security risks ahead of time
makepositiveRead Case Study
Mavens uses Clayton to build secure healthcare solutions, on Salesforce.
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Clayton helps Aptumo hit their time-to-market goals on the AppExchange.
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