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Why Clayton

AI-powered code reviews for Salesforce.

Clayton is the automated assistant that looks after your developments intelligently and adapts to how your team works.

Why Clayton
Designed for Salesforce

Made for Salesforce experts.

Automate your code reviews across all code and metadata. Built-in checks designed by Certified Technical Architects and AppSec experts, available out of the box.

Works automatically

Works automatically.
Zero overhead.

Clayton runs automatically in the cloud, without changing the way your team works. No changes to your orgs or IDEs. No integration or maintenance.

The lowest error rate in the market

No noise to developers.

We use cutting-edge technology to review your code with unparalleled precision, with near-zero noise so your developers are never distracted.

In-Depth Analysis
code and metadata analysis

Code review anything you build, automatically.

See through your code and metadata like never before. Clayton scans Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, Process Builder, Flows, object definitions, and more, revealing hidden flaws with laser-accuracy.

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Issue management

Fix early and fast.

Get help at your fingertips and fix bugs in no time. Track exceptions and design decisions in a fully auditable way.

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Issue Management
Workflow Automation
Workflow automation

Automate bad code out of existence.

Let developers fix problems before teammates get involved. Make dangerous changes impossible to merge. Enforce your technical standards at scale.

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“Clayton goes far beyond every other product I have seen in this space.”
Ivan Almeida, Salesforce Certified Technical Architect, Publicis Sapient

Stay on top of your developments.

Be alerted when problems slip through the cracks. Track adherence to standards, technical debt, and key engineering metrics to control your developments like never before.

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Admin controls

Run teams at scale.

Work seamlessly with team members and external collaborators across any number of projects. Keep an auditable record of vulnerabilities, fixes and key design decisions.

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Admin Controls
Clayton For

Made for Salesforce professionals like you.

Whether you build applications for yourself or for others, we’ve got you covered.

In-house teams
In-house teams

Stay secure without compromising on agility. Stop technical debt and keep your org engineered for long-term success.

Consulting Partners
Consulting Partners

Untangle complex orgs with unprecedented accuracy. Build every solution to world-class standards and avoid rework at scale.


Stay compliant with security requirements without slowing down development. Ship more features, faster. Keep your apps engineered for scale.


Cloud security, done right.

With Clayton, all your code and data are protected by strong encryption at all times.

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Clayton works where you do.

Clayton integrates seamlessly with the tools you use and love, for a modern, enjoyable development experience.


Get secure, and ready to scale.

Secure your application, stop technical debt, and start developing faster on Salesforce.
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