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Publicis Sapient

Publicis Sapient uses Clayton to overcome the challenges of hypergrowth.
Publicis Sapient
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Publicis Sapient's Salesforce Practice (previously Sapient i7 before acquisition) is a global platinum Salesforce consulting partner. Consultants with a strong industry focus lead their project engagements leveraging a mix of onshore and offshore resources.


Prior to their acquisition in January 2020, Sapient i7 has been targeting their hires amongst professional with a rich variety of industry backgrounds. Their market-specific skills became broader, but some challenges due to the fragmentation of technical skills emerged:

  • Standardisation. How to standardise the quality of their solutions across their delivery portfolio, while minimising the overhead on the delivery teams?
  • Time-to-value. How to build a code analysis toolkit that is replicable quickly and cost-effectively across all projects?
  • Delivery risk. How to completely prevent escalations due to quality or security issues?


Sapient i7 chose Clayton as their core code analysis solution. Used in conjunction with Bitbucket and Bitbucket pipelines, Clayton is at part of the core toolkit that Publicis Sapient uses across all their project delivery.

  • At kick-off, Publicis Sapient's team creates a git repository that constitutes the source of truth for all metadata and customisations throughout the project lifecycle.
  • The team then manages coding standards centrally with Clayton: every project inherits a common baseline of automated checks, that project teams can override to suit customer-specific requirements such as naming conventions or other preferences.
  • Developers and app builders collaborate on the same repository using the so-called Git Feature Branch Workflow. When a change is ready, developers create a pull request that triggers an automated code review. Clayton reports any quality or security problems directly on the affected lines of code and prevents the pull request from being merged until it gets fixed.
  • When the pull request is merged, downstream automation takes care of executing all automated tests and deploying the code to the various testing and production environments.
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"Clayton is miles ahead of everything that I have used in the past, and its security features go far beyond every other product in this space."
Ivan Almeida
International Head of Technical Architecture and Salesforce Certified Technical Architect


Clayton has helped the company enforce technical best practices across their Salesforce delivery portfolio and is a core delivery tool to monitor projects quality in a centralised way, with significant advantages.

  • The time-to-value experienced by Publicis Sapient's (previously Sapient i7's) customers is now shorter. Because the tooling infrastructure is set up in a fast and repeatable way, project teams are fully operational in minutes, with no setup cost to their customers. Thanks to the high degree of automation, the time to merge pull requests is also shorter, yielding to faster response when problems emerge, and an overall velocity increase.
  • Project teams have streamlined all code reviews by using continuous automation, saving a significant amount of capacity that they now focus on creating value for their customers.
  • The company has successfully standardised all technical best practices across their onshore and offshore teams, with very high consistency across projects. They now tackle all code-related issues early in the process, yielding to a lower accumulation of technical debt, less reworks and higher build quality for their customers.
  • All the teams can now detect and resolve security problems early, minimising the risk of vulnerable code being accidentally passed on to their customers. Visibility. Leveraging Clayton’s real-time insights, the delivery leadership monitors their build quality and security across their portfolio from a single centralised dashboard.
  • Clayton detects potential training problems automatically, based on the common mistakes detected during delivery. Publicis Sapient's team can action training initiatives proactively, to target needs as they emerge.
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"Since introducing Clayton, not only have we seen a dramatic increase in developer efficiency, but the code reaching our clients is right the first time, which reflects positively on our business."
Steve Aitken
Salesforce Practice Lead - International
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