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Secure Development

You commit. Clayton monitors and protects.

Shield all your Salesforce developments from security vulnerabilities and design flaws, with automated code reviews built into your git workflow.

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Secure Development

How it works

How it works
Plug into your git repository.

Connect with your favourite version control in clicks. Choose your protection, sit back and relax.

Build Faster
Build faster using source-driven development.

Get every changes reviewed automatically. Fix problems before other team members get involved. Cut the reworks.

Monitor and Improve
Stay on top of what matters.

Monitor adherence to technical standards, technical debt, and more. Run your engineering with data, not your guts.

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“Clayton made our code reviews so much faster. Our developers can now fix any problems before peer review, which results in an increased velocity for our team.”
Kai Amundsen, Technical Architect, Mavens
Make security part of your workflow

Keep your application secure.

Don't leave security to the last minute. Make AppSec part of your development and keep your business and customers safe at all times.

Build to the highest quality standards

Build to the highest standards.

Keep your application robust, performant and ready to scale. Enforce industry best practices. Standardise developments at scale.

Manage your technical debt

Control your technical debt.

Stay on top of your technical debt with dashboards and weekly reports to keep your development lean in the long run.

Avoid rework and ship code 65% faster

Ship 33% faster

Get your developments first-time right and completely avoid post-release rework. Ship more features, in a fraction of the time.

Clayton For

Made for Salesforce professionals like you.

Whether you build applications for yourself or for others, we’ve got you covered.

In-house teams
In-house teams

Protect your developments from flaws that may put your business at risk, without ever compromising on agility.

Consulting Partners
Consulting Partners

Build every project to the highest standards. Keep your delivery under total control and avoid rework at cost.


Stay compliant with security requirements at all times, without slowing down development. Build for scale and long-term success.

Shield your everyday developments without losing agility.

AI-powered protection across all your developments, including Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, Aura, and more.
Security Checks

Application Security Testing

Catch OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities as well as Salesforce-specific security flaws such as CRUD and FLS violations, SOQL-injections and more, with unparalleled precision.

Vulnerable Third-party libraries

Detect Vulnerable Libraries

Check every third party library you use for known vulnerabilities and stay secure when using open source.

Enforce best practices

Pull Requests Reviews

Have all your pull requests code reviewed automatically. Clayton will ask for changes whenever he finds problems in your code, so you can fix anything early and fast.

Build your own standards

Build Your Own Standards

Choose from built-in review criteria created by Certified Technical Architects and AppSec experts, or create your own.

Automated Code Reviews

Control Every Exception

Handle any deviation from your standards with a workflow that keeps your code clean from clutter and leaves an auditable track record of key design decisions.

Manage exceptions

Find Training Gaps

Spot recurring mistakes, and get insights to plan training focused on the real weaknesses of your development team.

Customer Stories

We are trusted by the world’s most innovative Salesforce teams. Here’s why.
WebResults uses Clayton to deliver secure solutions with world-class quality
WebResultsRead Case Study
makepositive chooses Clayton to protect their Customers from potential security risks ahead of time
makepositiveRead Case Study
Mavens uses Clayton to build secure healthcare solutions, on Salesforce.
MavensRead Case Study
Clayton helps Aptumo hit their time-to-market goals on the AppExchange.
AptumoRead Case Study

Clayton avoids 1679 vulnerabilities on average, every day.

Join 400+ Salesforce teams and see what difference Clayton can make.
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