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Introducing Our New Copado Integration

Introducing Our New Copado Integration

Claudia Orecchioni

We’re delighted to announce Clayton’s recent integration with Copado, the #1 native Salesforce DevOps solution.

Clayton’s powerful, developer-first security scanning has enabled Copado to extend their native DevOps suite. Now their customers can enjoy added security and dependency scanning for every custom development -  and before every deployment.

Why this? Why now?

SaaS is an ever-expanding target for bad actors, while custom developments on Salesforce are not secure by default.

High rates of false-positives, noise, and lack of flexibility are common barriers to both static analysis and shift-left model adoption (which guide best practice CI/CD automation today). Security teams have struggled to find tools with the right capabilities to secure the Salesforce SDLC. 

It became apparent that an integration between Clayton and Copado could provide the perfect solution. The new integration bridges the gap for Copado customers, with features designed to accelerate the adoption of DevSecOps.

The integration offers customers two main benefits: 

  • The ability to perform Full security scans in clicks
  • The option to scan just pull requests and proposed changes

All scan results are automatically accessible in Copado and can be used to introduce automated validation steps that ensure all developments are secure and up to standards before deployment.

“We’re thrilled about this new integration. It allows us to make our unique developer-first security experience available as part of the comprehensive DevOps solution built by Copado.”

Lorenzo Frattini, CEO and Founder of Clayton.

Wrapping Up 

  • Salesforce teams using Copado can now secure their developments in near real-time, without changing how devs work
  • The new integration embeds Clayton scan results within Copado's DevOps pipeline
  • The Copado integration will be available at no additional cost to with our Enterprise Edition
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