We are reinventing code analysis for Trailblazers.

Enforce security and technical best practices using automation.

No software or infrastructure needed.

Clayton runs in the cloud. This means you don't need any expensive software or infrastructure to add powerful code analysis to your apps. 
Continuous Integration
Put enterprise-grade code analysis in your git repository, and enforce technical best practices as part of your development. Ideal for DevOps, CI/CD, product development and Salesforce DX.
Connect to Salesforce
Connect Clayton to your org and scan code and metadata on-demand, only when you need it. Ideal to run code assessments and security reviews in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

Install the rules you want from the rule store.

  • Our rules have been designed by Certified Technical Architects and security experts to cover all Salesforce coding and security best practices better than any other tool in the market.
  • You can pick and choose your rules amongst a constantly growing catalogue of automated checks, and customise them to create your unique technical standards.

Automated comments on pull requests.

Clayton comments pull requests in real-time, leaving meaningful feedback and suggestions on the exact fix location.

Remove the noise.

You can easily exclude from your scans any unmanaged packages, third-party libraries and any code you don’t intend to maintain, to make sure your code reviews are always relevant.
When false positive or deliberate exceptions to the standards are picked up, you can ignore them.

Designed for modern Salesforce teams.

Clayton makes your everyday job easier by taking care of quality and best
practice in a new way while blending into the development process of
your team seamlessly.

Put it in your DevOps, or scan on-demand.

Clayton puts the code validation in your repository, not in your IDE. This means the code is validated while you build your app, without blocking developers with long-running reviews.
Use Clayton to run health checks, security reviews directly from Salesforce orgs and sandboxes, when you need it.

Your team lives in Slack. Clayton joins the conversation.

We love Slack, and we have built Clayton to make development more collaborative, and fun, with actionable notifications sent to directly to your team channel.

Open, exportable data.

Export the result of any code reviews to CSV, and use it to integrate with your ticketing system, BI analytics, etc.

Designed for success.

Clayton helps teams get better, with targeted recommendations and actionable insights
to track and improve how your team deals with quality and security over time.

See the big picture.

Real-time insights visualise the quality of your projects like never before, highlight recurring issues, spot training problems and learn how responsive your team is without even looking at your code.

Recommended Trailhead and Salesforce Resources.

Clayton automatically recommends resources and trailhead modules based on your weaknesses, to help you learn in the area you need the most.

Alerts and notifications.

Use notifications to be informed when important events happen, such as critical problems being spotted, without having to look at code and metadata every day.
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