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Appsolutely is a Salesforce Gold Partner with strong experience in complex Salesforce implementations and development projects. Appsolutely offers different types of services including Salesforce Consulting and AppExchange Application Development to help their customers in product marketing, product development and technical security compliance to ease the Salesforce security review process.

About Appsolutely

Location Utrecht, Netherland
Number of employees 50+
Industry IT Consulting
Go live date
July 2018


Appsolutely is a Salesforce Gold consulting partner that provides different types of services to help customers unleashing the full potential of Salesforce. They believe implementing IT processes in a simple and effective manner is the key value to allow focusing on what really matters: ensuring customer satisfaction.
For Appsolutely, delivering to world-class quality standards is a key differentiator.
Due to the growing number of concurrent projects, their Professional Services Division was facing challenges in maintaining consistent quality standards. As a result, the need for reworks was affecting both their productivity and speed.
Secondarily, the Product Development Division of the organisation was helping a growing number of customers build their apps for the AppExchange and was looking for a way to maximise their chance at passing the AppExchange Security Review process on their first attempt.
How to ensure the same world-class quality across the entire delivery?
How to avoid reworks and increase velocity when the number of concurrent projects is growing?
Security Review
How to better support customers through their AppExchange Security Review process?


Clayton allows Appsolutely to perform automatic code reviews based on rules tailored for each project’s coding standards.
Thanks to the automated checks performed by Clayton, security best practices are always applied to all the projects. Now the business can deliver more value to the customers, on time, and the rework needed to maintain a top-class quality for their delivery is minimised.
Clayton is the tool used by the Appsolutely development teams to ensure that Salesforce development security best practices are always followed, which helps Appsolutely drive full compliance with the AppExchange Security Review from the get-go.

Key Features

GitHub integration
Automated code reviews
Review Criteria alignment
Insights and dashboards


We help our customers achieve long-term success with Salesforce. Delivering to world-class quality standards is crucial for how we want to be recognised in the ecosystem. Clayton helps us achieve that consistently, as we grow.
Jaap Branderhorst
CTO and Managing Director
Clayton has helped Appsolutely to ensure top-class code quality for their Salesforce projects, and their goal of helping customers to take advantage of the Salesforce platform to its full extent is now simpler to achieve than ever.
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