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Become a Salesforce Security Champion: 3 steps to get you started

Why every Salesforce development team needs a Security Champion. “Security Champion” is a concept made popular by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Security Champions are members of a development team that take direct responsibility in security and actively promote security best practices. With more and more data moving to the cloud, the need […]

[Survey] Help us understand the state of secure development in the Salesforce ecosystem

Companies of all sizes and industries are using Salesforce across departments to run their businesses faster. As the number of Salesforce applications grows, and more customer data shifts to the Cloud, application security becomes even more crucial. Are you a Salesforce expert? Share your opinion on this matter. We are asking Salesforce professionals for their […]

How to choose your Salesforce static analysis tool

What is static code analysis? Static code analysis tools can process application source code automatically, and help identify problems, security flaws, estimate technical debt, etc. Such tools process large amounts of code in a very scalable way and enforce checks systematically; for this reason, they can be instrumental to your technical debt management strategy. How […]