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Assessments On Demand

Audit Salesforce orgs in minutes, anytime.
Assessments on Demand

Make sense of complex implementations quickly, and save hundreds of hours of manual inspection. Designed for professionals that need to review orgs quickly and thoroughly.

Assessments On Demand

How it works

How it works
Connect to any orgs, non-invasively.

Plug Clayton into any Salesforce orgs or sandboxes in clicks, without interfering with development and without the need to install any packages. Your CRM data is untouched.

Scan your org
Scan without limits.

Kick-off your audit with a click, and run instantly more than 300 checks on security, complexity, robustness and maintainability of your Salesforce application.

Act on scan issues
Remediate at your own pace.

View the full assessment report online, or export a detailed backlog to fix problems later.

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“We have a large, distributed team and Clayton has had a tremendous impact on the quality of our work.”
Eric Nelson, VP Delivery, Silverline
Turn obscure code into actionable insights.

Make sense of complex orgs like never before.

Transform large amounts of code into a detailed, actionable report designed for architects and technology leaders.

Calculate your technical debt.

Measure your technical debt.

Quantify the impact of bad code. Instantly pinpoint problems that require urgent attention and estimate remediation efforts.

Assess securely from your browser.

Assess securely from your browser.

Connect to any orgs in clicks, and scan securely thanks to our end-to-end encryption. (Learn more)

Scan without limits.

Scan without limits.

Enjoy unlimited assessments, prepared with no lines of code limitations.

Clayton For

Made for Salesforce professionals like you.

Whether you build applications for yourself or for others, we’ve got you covered.

In-house teams
In-house teams

Audit your security compliance and code health without interfering with development.

Consulting Partners
Consulting Partners

Assess any orgs without costly manual inspections. Measure code health before and after you engage.


Get your apps ready for the security review, assess your technical debt, and prepare for scale.

Turn obscure code into actionable insights.

Clayton helps experts see what needs urgent attention, in a consistent and repeatable way.
Technical debt

Technical Debt Assessment

Measure how much technical debt exists in your org, forecast the accumulation of bugs and the impact on your development capacity.


Security Assessment

Identify code vulnerabilities, third-party libraries that need upgrading, and assess adherence to security best practices.


Unit Test Analysis

Detect untested method, test coverage hacks, lack of data factories and more, to see how robust your application is.


Maintainability Analysis

Find weak spots that make your application hard to maintain, such as hardcoding, convoluted code, and more.


Complexity Hotspots

See where the complexity of your logic accumulates. Measure the balance of code and configuration.

Backlog generation

Backlog Generation

Get a downloadable backlog with detailed remediation advice, ready to be imported in your favourite issue tracker.

Customer Stories

We are trusted by the world’s most innovative Salesforce teams. Here’s why.
WebResults uses Clayton to deliver secure solutions with world-class quality
WebResultsRead Case Study
makepositive chooses Clayton to protect their Customers from potential security risks ahead of time
makepositiveRead Case Study
Mavens uses Clayton to build secure healthcare solutions, on Salesforce.
MavensRead Case Study
Clayton helps Aptumo hit their time-to-market goals on the AppExchange.
AptumoRead Case Study

Clayton avoids 1679 vulnerabilities on average, every day.

Join 400+ Salesforce teams and see what difference Clayton can make.
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