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Making secure development easy on Salesforce.
Our mission is simple: help teams that build on Salesforce to build for long-term success.

How we began

While the Salesforce platform and ecosystem grew incredibly, security and code review tools seemed stuck in the past. We saw an opportunity to create something better, and help professionals build stronger products, faster.

Driven by innovation

We tackle open problems that existing technology can't solve, and continuously iterate on our product to make the job of Salesforce professionals easier, more productive, more enjoyable.

Lines of code we review, on an average day.
Vulnerabilities and bugs we prevent each month
Hours we save to developers each month

Our Team

We are passionated about helping engineering teams thrive in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Lorenzo Frattini
Founder, CEO
Gabriele Gallo Stampino
Head of Customer Success
Giancarlo Lallopizzi
Head of Engineering
Andrea Pellegatta
Senior Engineer
Davide Ungari
Head of Product Design
Claudia Orecchioni
Head of Marketing


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